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Add a sweet and savory touch to your dishes with this delectable smoked sea salt. Smoked Applewood Sea Salt is made with pure sea salt that has been slowly smoked above an Applewood fire - a centuries old process. Enjoy it on meat, seafood, soups, salads and more. Use our Smoked Applewood Sea Salt whenever you want to add a sweet, smoky flavor to your dishes - without harshness or bitterness.  

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

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Fruity, SWEET FLAVOR The aromatic delight is perfect for every season. FINE GRAIN: Dissolves/blends into recipes quickly and is ideal for sprinkling directly onto food as a finishing salt. MEMORABLE MEALS - NATURAL FLAVOR Transform your meal with a sweet and smoky flavor that is made to please: Mains - Seafood, Pork, Poultry Sides - Salads, Stews, Potatoes, & Fruit Condiments - BBQ Sauce Dessert - Chocolates Garnish - Garnish your favorite vegetable with this salt. Grill - Bring flavor to your meats and seafood with just a pinch. Enhance - Condiments by adding the Smoked Applewood salt to the mix! Origin: USA Description: Smoked Applewood Sea Salt is made with pure Sea Salt that has been slowly smoked above an Applewood fire. The result is a smooth, slightly sweet tasting sea salt. 
Grain Size: Fine (preferred choice for sprinkling on food/cooking).
Properties: 100% Natural, Kosher, No artificial flavors or additives, natural medium brown coloring from smoking process.
Ingredients: Smoked Sea Salt. Shelf Life: 5 years
Use for: Meat, seafood, soups, salads and more. Can also be added to the rim of your favorite ales or rum cocktails.