The creation of Whiskey Smoked Irish Salt takes place when aged Teeling Whiskey oak kegs are smoked within hours of being emptied. This process ensures they retain their rich whiskey and oak aroma, which is then subtlety infused into Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt. Oriel salt is renowned rich in minerals, lower in sodium, and embodying a powerful taste that allows chefs to use less salt with the same kick. Once smoked, it delivers a powerful and smoky delicious flavor.

Whiskey Keg Smoked Sea Salt V.I.P.

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POWERFUL, YET SMOOTH FLAVOR:  Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt adds distinct smoky flavor to your favorite entrées.

TRACE MINERALS: Whiskey Smoked Salt is made with Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt which is rich in trace minerals.

EXTRA-FINE GRAIN: Dissolves/blends into recipes quickly and is ideal for sprinkling directly onto food as a finishing salt.​

Impress your guests with this extremely unique salt that is the perfect for seasoning: 

- Meat - Burgers, Steak, Chicken, Fish

- Starches - Pasta & Potatoes

- Vegetables

- Eggs

Origin: Ireland
Description: Aged Teeling Whiskey oak kegs infused into Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt, delivering a powerful and smoky, delicious flavor.
Grain Size: Extra Fine (preferred choice for sprinkling on food/cooking).
Properties: 100% Natural, Kosher, no artificial flavors or additives.
Ingredients: 100% Natural Smoked Irish Mineral Sea Salt.
Shelf Life: 10 years
Use for: Meat, poultry, fish, other meats, vegetables, starches, eggs and more. 


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