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   Lavender works well in combination with other herbs like marjoram, Mediterranean oregano, parsley, rosemary, savory and thyme. Make your own dry blend of herbs (we like lavender with mint and rosemary) and rub on lamb chops or chicken wings before grilling. Infuse simple syrup with a sprinkling of lavender and use to sweeten iced tea, lemonade, or even to flavor meringue. Grind some lavender into sugar and use it in simple butter cookies or infuse cream for lavender-scented whipped or ice cream.  Rub on lamb chops or chicken wings before grilling. You can even candy the blossoms and use those to garnish cakes and cookies. A pinch of it in a cup of tea tastes exquisite.
Some cooks like to scatter the petals over cake as a decoration. You can experiment with this flavor by steeping the lavender flowers in warm milk, cream, sugar syrups or wine. It makes for a good sorbet flavor. Lavender homemade ice cream is light and refreshing.  Or enjoy lavender it in chocolate mousse.

Lavender Flowers

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Select grade has a more pronounced floral flavor less bitter. It possesses a subtly fresh, sweeter flavor that works well as a culinary ingredient and in loose teas and tea bags. It has a medium deepness of lavender color, less stems and leaves.


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