A versatile seasoning, marjoram adds delightful aroma and minty, sweet taste to dressings, soups, butters and sauces. It's a key ingredient in several classic spice blends--like fines herbs and bouquet garni. 
Milder than its close relative oregano, marjoram has a pleasant, slightly spicy, slightly citrusy scent. The taste is minty, sweet, and a little sharp, a bit like tarragon (though there's no relation).
Try marjoram in sauces and soups (especially chowders) and meat dishes (like lamb, beef and pork), with chicken, fish, and seafood, and in breads and stuffings. It combines well with tomatoes and other herbs like bay, black pepper and juniper. A variety of vegetables (like cabbage and potatoes) do well with marjoram, as do salad dressings. Marjoram also makes a delicious herb butter.

Marjoram Leaf Grnd V.I.P.

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Marjoram is a component in many spice blends, too, like bouquet garni, fines herbes, herbes de Provence, za-tar, and sausage and pickle blends. Commercially, marjoram is often used in making salami and sausage. (In fact, in Germany it's called the "sausage herb.") In Western Asia, marjoram is used to flavor breads. Choose The Size Bottle You Desire From the Drop Down Menu. HOMEMAKER JAR: Is Our 3.75 oz (110 ml.)Size Victorian Square Jar 2" width x 3.15" height.(Approx:0.50 oz.) CULINARY PRO JAR:Is Our 6 oz (190ml) Size Victorian Square Jar. 2.4" width x 3.8" height. (Approx:0.90 oz.) *NOTE: The ounce measurements of the jar is that of the Jars size capacity, The full herbal weight varies with each type of herb. (example: Leaves weigh less than roots etc.)

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