Warm, natural color and mildly spicy Great Smoked flavor to soups, stews, grains, and a variety of hors d'ouvres. This tasty smoked Paprika will ad a delicious smokey kick you never thought possible to many of your culinary creations.One taste your hooked for life.
Fragrantly sweet and colorful, smoked paprika is a great spice to have at hand. Use it to add lovely color and a slightly pungent smokey sweetness to any dish. Try it on cheeses and spreads, hors d'ouvres, salads, egg dishes, marinades and smoked foods. Add it to the flour used for dusting poultry, meats, and seafoods, and include it in salad dressings, where it will both add color and work as an emulsifier (to combine the oil and vinegar). Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese soups, stews, and casseroles rely on paprika, as does Indian tandoori chicken. Paprika is traditionally used in Hungarian goulash, paprikash, processed meats and spiced sausages. And you'll find it in chili powder blends.

Paprika Smoked (Powder) V.I.P.

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Paprika releases its flavor and color when heated. It also burns easily, and once it's brown it starts to become bitter. So take care not to cook it too long (in a frying pan, for example). *NOTE: The ounce measurements of the jar is that of the Jars size capacity, The full herbal weight varies with each type of herb. (example: Leaves weigh less than roots etc.) Our Homemakers Size Jar Is Our 3.75 oz (110 ml.)Size Victorian Square Jar 2" width x 3.15" height. (Approx: 2.0 Oz Pure paprika Powder.) Available In Home Maker Size Jar Only.

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