Try Our two new turmeric seasonings on your favorite dishes and make them even more special.. Our new Turmeric Zest Blend adds great taste to most any savory meal keep it on hand and try it on  

sandwiches, beef, chicken, fish and more. 

Our Turmeric Baker's Blend is a warming sweet blend that will compliment most all sweet dishes like pies, cakes, jams and even makes a great healthy addition to your favorite smoothies. 

Turmeric Zest HM

$7.75 Regular Price
$6.98Sale Price

Many of our regular customers have found the amazing health benefits to adding Turmeric to their diet. Sometimes they find out for themselves, see it on line or many have told us their doctor has recommended it. Turmeric can be very helpful in lessening effects of inflammation throughout the body along with many other healthful effects. 
THE MOST ASKED QUESTION.. Every market day we are asked " how do I use Turmeric daily" Our new blends answers that question deliciously! Turmeric Zest can be used in many ways on any savory type meal, and our Baker's blend sweet spice is perfect on cereals hot or cold or added to bake goods, hot drinks like teas and coffee Lattes, smoothies and hundreds of other desserts on the sweet side. Try them and you won't want to be without them!

Note: Both Blends Include Black Pepper To improve Curcumin bioavailability by 2000%. See Study Below..


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