Many of our long time customers that are Vanilla Bean fans (Like Myself) cannot wait until late April and May rolls around each year to get their newly harvested and cured plump Vanilla beans from our coop plantation In New Guinea. 


   We just received a limited supply of plump, oily delicious beans  (Vanilla Tahitensis). They are beautiful, oily Vanilla Beans that are fragrant and plump. These are not the quick drying process of inferior growers. 

Our growers use the traditional curing process starting with sweating, sunning, sweating again, in slow drying conditions that keep all the fresh natural flavor in the beans caviar (Seeds), 

 like nothing that you will find at the grocery store. If you have only ever used the over-dried thin Madagascar grown grocery store vanilla beans, you  won't believe the quality of our Latest Harvest Beans.

     This year we can offer Three / 6-8 inches long, plump, oily, black/dark brown that contain a high 30-35% moisture content.  We put them in an old time type corked  bottle that doubles as the perfect extract maker if you desire to make extract, and it just keeps giving (Instructions on the side of label).

So, even if you don't use a lot of fresh beans, think of the savings over the cost of inferior vanilla extract bottles at $4-$6 a fluid ounce you can make  4 oz of wonderful extract in the bottle that can be replenished with your favorite cordial over and over again.
Tahitian vanilla beans are usually paired with delicate desserts, such as fruit-based items, ice creams, and custards. 





Vanilla Beans New Harvest (Tahitian 3 whole Beans)

$23.95 Regular Price
$19.36Sale Price

TAHITIAN BEANS: (Tahitensis Vanilla)
Tahitian Vanilla comes from the fruit of an orchid variety called Vanilla Tahitensis which is a completely different species than the common Bourbon (Planifolia) varieties from Madagascar. Tahitian vanilla pods are more delicate than Bourbon beans with completely different flavor profile - they are flowery, fruity with a smooth flavor. Gourmet pastry chefs love to work with the Tahitian variety because of their sweet floral flavor.
Much rarer than the Madagascar Bourbon variety of bean, Our Tahitian beans are infinitely more versatile, providing the very best vanilla fruity flavor for cooking, desserts, beverages, and ice cream etc.


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