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We are proud to be a very small and local herb purveying company.
We view our small literally, Ma and Pa status, as a huge and unique advantage of stepping away from the mass production methods of large herb and spice companies.  We take much pride in purveying only the the finest  products of our organic cooperative growers latest crops. Our member owned growers co-op is an affiliation of certified organic growers, wild harvest gatherers and world wide fair trade family farms. All of our currently available botanical and those of other co-op growers are small batched and current years harvest, slowly air dried, to maintain an uncompromising array of it's natural aroma, chemical and mineral constituents. Cut, sifted, blended and manually packaged just days prior to introduction into our small private marketplace. This small batching method ensures us and all of our customers the freshest and purest culinary herbs and spices available. Also providing a much longer shelf life then commercially produced products. Our customers have found that once they smelled and tasted the huge difference small batching makes in their culinary creations, concerns of shelf life is overshadowed by the concern of keeping enough on hand.


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