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Welcome To Ham Towne Spicery

       e are proud to be a very small herb   purveying company, we have the unique advantage of stepping away from mass production methods to purvey the finest  products of organic growers coop latest crops. Our coop is a group of organic chemically free and wild harvested growers and gatherers. All botanical's are slowly dried, cut and sifted just prior to bottling ensuring you the freshest and purest culinary herbs and spices available. You can easily smell and taste the huge difference small batching makes in your culinary creations.


    This has been one crazy year for all of us, Our market manager is trying so hard to get this year's farmers market up and running in some form or other and it looks like we will probably start with some kind of drive up shopping. When this will all take place has not been worked out yet with all the powers that be.

We Have made several arrangements to work around getting herbs to our customers

by arranging for pick-up at Finley's General store, Delivery for Isle of Wright Residents.

And flat rate shipping on out of town customers.

NOTICE:   I Have reopened the web site for quick shopping For Our V.I.P.
Members. Click On Quick Shop Below V.I.P. Members will be let in to the special V.I.P. pricing section automatically after signing in or signing up to our website. 

NOTICE: You may have to sign up to the web site again since it has been up-dated...

When the Join or sign in screen appears. Sign in or join again.

If you are on our email you will automatically be directed to our V.I.P. shop for discounted pricing.

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At Our Tent
  9am to noon

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317 Grace Street

Smithfield, Virginia 23430

  Customer Services: 1-757-332-0369   

Market Hours:
​​Saturday: 9am - 12 Noon


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