Zaatar is a very ancient blend of herbs that dates back thousands of years in the middle east.  If unfamiliar, Zaatar is a flavorful Middle Eastern spice blend used to flavor many dishes throughout the Middle East, and like curry, varies from region to region. We sell what is known as the royal blend which is a very ancient blend made with the authentic ingredience of Zaatar herb / Ground Sumac Berry's toasted sesame seeds.

There are many blends sold in the U.S. that substitute true Zaatar (a wild thyme which grows in lebanon) with either common thyme, Marjoram or oregano. Our Zaatar is all authentic and all grown organicly by a family farm in lebanon. The Zaatar is seperated from the stalks and chaff which gives it the true authentic flavor and the sumac berrys and sesame seeds are the finest quality grown.

I find it absolutely Delicious on chicken in salads and vegetables cooked and raw. My favorite way to eat zaatar is the traditional Pita type breads dipped in a good quality virgin olive oil and dunked into a pile of the zaatar herb.

Other ways to use Zaatar would be to sprinkle it over hummus, over a poached egg, or coat a piece of tofu, fish or chicken with it before pan-searing. It makes for a delicious rub or marinade for meats, and a flavorful addition to roasting vegetables. It can also be swirled into vinaigrettes, tahini or into soups.



Zaatar (A Wild Thyme Grown In Lebanon) Sumac Berry, Sesame Seeds toasted, Sea Salt, (Unless salt is free blend is chosen )


Herb Net Weight:

Special Jar 2.0 oz.




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