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Free Herb Use Chart (PDF Down Load Or Print)

Click on chart below to open pdf for printing.

I have gotton a lot of request for a "Herb Use Chart" over the past few weeks at the market. Many of you know that I am a graphic artist by trade and have been asking for a chart that is not only useful but also decorative for your kitchen. Looking through my small collection of vintage almanacs this week I decided to design a chart for the most common kitchen herbs in a old world fashion as a premium for my members. This week I will be giving away with every purchase a full color chart printed on card stock ready to hang on your wall or on the inside of your spice cabinet door. I hope you all enjoy the design, I love designing vintage style graphics it is a lot of fun looking through old magazines and vintage advertisents to gather insperation for my design. This is the first of several charts I have planned so be sure to like my page so you won't miss out on future charts. You can follow the link provided and down load a full color PDF copy that can be printed on your home printer if you would like.

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