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100% Natural Evaporated Sea Salts With Smokey Mouth Watering Flavors!

We will be Featuring On Sale This Week Our Growing Line Of Awesome Smoked Sea Salts... All natural in every way, Slowly evaporated sea salts loaded with healthy minerals and actually smoked over various hard wood fires. NO ARTIFICIAL SMOKED FLAVORINGS!

You will find plenty of uses for these delicious culinary treasures. Each one imparts an amazing smoky flavor unique to the woods that created them. Try them on meats, poultry and fish. each one will bring mouth watering smoke flavor that you will not want to be without again. Last seasons we could not keep enough in stock for our customers once they tried them! Our hunting friends tell us what a great taste to ad to their fresh game too! Alderwood goes great with venison, and they tell us the Applewood works well with foul of all types. Pretty awesome just sprinkling on fresh veggies and sliced tomatoes. Garden tomato sandwiches even get more heavenly!!

We have added a new and Mouth Watering delicious Hickory smoked sea salt that is out of this world with huge flavor!

100% Natural, Kosher, No artificial flavors or additives, natural medium brown coloring from smoking process

Enjoy a rich, smoky flavor and that delicious hickory aroma any time with this essential smoked salt. Smoked Hickorywood Sea Salt is superb on red meat and chicken, and in soups, stews & sauces. Made with pure sea salt that has been slowly smoked above a Hickorywood fire - a centuries old process. Add Smoked Hickory Sea Salt to your favorite dishes for a wonderfully smoky flavor without harshness or bitterness

Come down to the market we will have some out for you to smell and taste for yourself!! A LITTLE MORE INFORMATION ON HAM TOWNE SPICERY'S SMOKED SEA SALTS.. Salt is common yet extraordinary — what would our palates be without it? Though we enjoy it at nearly every meal, we give it relatively little attention. Take a closer look at the benefits of sea salt and find that there's much more to this precious ingredient than you'll find in a crusty shaker of table salt:How it's harvested:Sea salt is harvested through solar evaporation, with seawater left to evaporate naturally from large, shallow ponds. The process of solar evaporation is very slow — it can take years for the sun and wind to crystallize the saltwater — but it is less environmentally invasive than the process of mining salt from underground deposits.How it's (not) processed:Since it's given little or no further processing once evaporated, sea salt retains trace minerals and other natural components after the evaporation. These elements (which include nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium) add flavor — and often color — to the salt. These natural elements also add subtle flavor that varies according to the seawater from which the salt is harvested. How it's usedSea salt is incredibly versatile. Chefs, savvy cooks, food lovers and dietary specialists recognize that there is a better way to use salts and minerals in our food. For example, wood smoked salts (such as our Alder Smoked Salt and Applewood Smoked Salt) enhance grilled and barbequed food, while the saline adds oceanic minerals to everything from seafood to salad dressings.

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