All natural in every way, slowly evaporated sea salts loaded with healthy minerals and actually smoked over various hard wood fires.

Only $5.75 Each Or set of 4 for $20.00 (Save $3.00)

You will find plenty of uses for these delicious culinary treasures. Each one imparts an amazing smoky flavor unique to the woods that created them. Try them on meats, poultry and fish, each one will bring mouth-watering smoke flavor that you will not want to be without again. Last season, we could not keep enough in stock for our customers once they tried them! Our hunting friends tell us what a great taste to add to their fresh game too! Alderwood goes great with venison, & salmon, and Applewood works well with foul of all types. Pretty awesome just sprinkling on fresh veggies, like corn-on-the-cob and sliced tomatoes. Garden tomato sandwiches get even more heavenly!!


Hardwood Smoked Sea Salts

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Bold, SMOKY FLAVOR... Smoked  Sea Salt is superb on red meat and chicken, and in soups, stews & sauces

Medium FINE GRAIN: Dissolves/blends into
recipes quickly and is ideal for sprinkling directly onto food as a finishing salt.




Add Smoked Sea Salts to a variety of foods for a wonderfully smoky flavor without harshness or bitterness.


  • Mains - Red Meats, Chicken, & Ribs
  • Sides - Salads, Vegetables, & Popcorn 
  • Condiments - Vinaigrettes & Sauces

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