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I have had numerous folks wondering through the Farmers Market and stopping at my tent to ask, "Do You Have Any White Sage Bundles?".

I am a firm believer in the cleansing power of white sage and I know what they are really saying. "Help I Got Ghost" Living in the Historic Home in Smithfield myself I must admit I have many nights (and days too!) when I just couldn't shake the feeling of the presence of an old long gone resident standing next to me. And what does a person expect when they choose to live in a historic home, That is one reason we love it so much. How can we expect the past residents to abandon there home and all the memories completely? Heck I am sure some future resident will be trying to smudge me into calming down a bit someday. Tell you the truth as I write this an eerie feeling is running down my spine... Well it has been close to 30 years in this house for me and my family and there has been many things that I just won't mention in fear of being labeled a nut case from the unknowing.

On that point I must say my neighbors and fellow historic home owners will understand.. No doubt. So I decided to add the finest wild crafted white sage I could find to my line of fine herbs. So come on down to the farmers market and calm down those pesky spirits for a while especially if you have relatives coming for a visit if you ever want them to come back for a return visit. If you don't then just skip the smudging!!

Sage Smudge Sticks Are commonly used in ceremonial practice, in which a small portion of the smudge stick is burned to help ward off negative energy and creative a positive environment.

Traditionally known for its sweet fragrance and healing properties, White Sage is often used in ceremonial practices such as cleansing, purification and protection, and is intended to ward off negative energy.

This process is called "smudging". The smoke is traditionally used to purify the body, home and healing rooms, thus releasing the negative energy. Its fresh clean herbal fragrance has also been known to rejuvenate the mind, and enhance mental clarity and memory.

HOW TO USE FOR SMUDGING: Light a small portion (the tip) of the bundled white sage over a ceramic bowl containing sand (or a flame proof container with other non-flammable material). While then gently blowing upon the embers to produce smoke, walk around the room, object or area, holding the sage. Hold the bowl underneath the sage stick as you smudge, to collect the ash. Start with the door and continue around the perimeters of the room. Then, walk into the center of the room and fan the smoldering sage in four directions. After smudging, extinguish the bundle in the bowl with sand. Store the remaining sage bundle for future use.

Warning: Avoid smudging if pregnant. Keep children and animals away from lit smudges. Do not leave lit smudges unattended.

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