2 Sizes Available: Homemaker Jar 2.25 oz. / Petite Size Jar 1.25 Oz.
To spite it's name, Allspice is a single spice that imparts the aroma and flavor of a trio medley of warm well known seasonings — cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg —
Allspice is a truly versatile spice, meat, fish and vegetables will all benefit from this spices spicy nutty flavoring.
Cakes and pies, breads, chutneys, custards, marmalades, sauces, soups, gravies, ketchup, marinades, and preserves will all benefit by the warming flavor of this popular spice. It's delicious with fruits, especially pineapple. In a pinch, you can substitute ground allspice for cloves in a recipe.

Allspice is the unripened berry of a small evergreen. Allspice is a member of the myrtle family, an evergreen reaching 25 to 40 feet. Its botanical name, Pimenta dioica, is a bit deceiving, though. It is not a relation of the pimiento (a species of red pepper), indigenous to the Western Hemisphere (along with chili pepper and vanilla). With the discovery of the New World, allspice was one of the exotic spices that commanded high prices and promised fame and fortune to the explorers who might deliver pungent, aromatic spices to European nobility. Spanish explorers discovered allspice soon after Columbus found the islands of the West Indies. They named it "pimienta" (Spanish for pepper), because it resembled the peppercorn in size, shape, and flavor. In the seventeenth century, when it became clear that the two spices were unrelated, the name allspice came into use. Also known as pimenta or Jamaican pepper. Allspice is a long-term investment for spice growers. The tree begins to bear fruit in its seventh or eighth year and produces full crops only after 15 years of growth. It flowers in June, July, and August, and the berry, which is about the size of a black currant, is picked while still green.

Allspice Powder Organic

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NOTE: oz. weights are approx depending upon finished Texture. HOMEMAKER JAR: Our 3.75 oz* (110 ml.)Victorian Square Jar 2" wide x 3.15" tall (Perfect size for every day cook)
CULINARY PRO JAR: Our 6 oz* (190ml) Victorian Square Jar. 2.4" wide x 3.8" tall. (Sized for culinary enthusiast, Chef or frequently used herbs)
MINI JAR: A small 1.5 oz. Jar Perfect to try our Blends and spices and to keep your less used culinary spices and blends on hand. *NOTE: The ounce measurements of the jar is that of the Jars size capacity, The full herbal weight varies with each type of herb. (example: Leaves weigh less than roots etc.)


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